Hi, my name is Len Saltiel, and welcome to my photography website and blog. Rather than tell you about what I shoot and what you will find here, I thought I would tell you how I got here.  I don’t have a great story about growing up with a father or relative that was into photography. My photography story begins with pure randomness. Fresh out of college, I started working in Philadelphia. My first boss asked me if I was interested in taking a high school photography course.  I said yes, even though I wasn’t sure that I would like it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the course of my corporate career, I shot only on vacations, and, looking back, wasn’t all that great (even though I thought so at the time). My dream was that I would someday be able to retire early, and my goal was to travel the world and document my travels through my camera. I was very fortunate over my career to financially plan and achieve the goal of being able to do this. There were many times that I wasn't sure if my plan was achievable, but perseverance won out over time. So, in 2007, I began this new journey.

I quickly realized that I really didn’t understand how the camera worked as well as I needed to. I also knew going in that I had absolutely no editing knowledge or skills. I spent those next three years reading everything I could. Countless hours were spent watching videos that explained how to achieve certain results. Over time, I found my photography improving. This learning will continue until I put the camera on the shelf for good.

In 2010, I decided to create this website, and I started writing a blog that documented my travels. I came up with the name for this site of Lens EyeView Photography, as it perfectly described the dream that I had conceived many years before. Thank you for visiting my site. I truly am thankful for your visit, and I hope that you leave it inspired to follow your dreams, no matter what they are.