12:37 PM

Grand Central Station, Manhattan, New York

There is quite a difference being in Grand Central Terminal as a photographer rather than a commuter. I have been both. As a business commuter, the terminal is a blur. Some days you are trying to make that business meeting after a 2-hour commute to the city. Other days (or even the same day), you are just trying to get home after a long day. Photographing in Grand Central is quite different. You take time to soak in the atmosphere and identify possible subjects as people rush by. You study the intricate details of this grand building to see what it is you want to capture. Everywhere you look seems to be a photo opportunity.

Towards the end of my shooting session, I was ready to pack it in and realized that I hadn’t captured one of the most iconic subjects in the terminal, the famous 4-faceted clock. The clock sits on top of the information booth on the main concourse. The clock was made in Waterbury, CT and is made of brass and has faces made of opal. It is estimated to be worth somewhere in the range of $10 – $20 million. The clock has been featured in many movies and I am glad I didn’t forget to capture it.