A Break in the Clouds - Moab, Utah

Colorado River, Potash Road, Moab Utah

Weather can be one of the most challenging aspects of landscape photography, especially when you have spent thousands of dollars to travel to a great location. I have shot long enough to know that bad weather can actually be a great thing, as it often adds dramatic effect and interest to an image. The most important thing to remember is patience. For those who know me personally, those words sound weird coming from my lips, as I am not the most patient person in the world. When standing in front of great landscapes, my impatience disappears. Sometimes waiting the weather out is the best course of action.

Take this photo for instance. We had headed out to shoot the sights on Potash Road in Moab. The light was not good even though we were out in late afternoon. The cloud cover had no real drama in them and a lot of my compositions purposely excluded them. It was drizzling a bit here and there, but we persisted and it finally paid off. As we were shooting the Colorado River and it's surrounding landscape, a break in the clouds allowed some of the evening sun through, and it lit the far bank. Fortunately, the light also helped make the reflection stand out.