Above it All - Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

There is a saying among landscape photographers, "Always look behind you". This happens when something majestic is in front of you and your focus is fixed on it. Sometimes there is a very compelling scene that you are missing that may not be quite as majestic but is beautiful nonetheless. The back story - I was in Mount Rainier National Park for two night and was totally shut out on the first night. The fog had settled on the mountain and I could hardly see in front of me. The next morning, I wanted to get a reflection shot of Rainier from the hopefully still waters of Reflection Lake. It was clear when I left, so I had high hopes for "the" shot. As I drove down into the valley where the lake is located, the fog reappeared. "The" shot was not to be, as the fog was gone from Rainier but not the valley. I headed back to the hotel and started hiking up the Skyline Trail toward the towering mountain. I was mesmerized by the snow-covered peak, and then something in my subconscious told me to turn around. When I did, I saw the valley with the fog that had caused me to miss "the" shot but gave me a different one.