Aegean Gem - Oia, Santorini, Greece

It has been quite a while since I have posted a photo from Europe. We try to get there every other year or so, but we had to miss last year because of illness. There are so many places to see and never enough time or money. The architecture there is so different from the United States and I love learning about it and documenting it through my photos. The architecture is not limited to mainland Europe and can be found on its many islands. Up near the top of great islands and architecture to visit is the Greek Island of Santorini. Famous for its blue-domed churches, it is a mecca for photographers and vacationers alike. A great place to see them is in the town of Oia.  If you are simply looking for the blue domes though, you would miss out on some terrific scenes in other parts of town. After I shot the domes, I walked around town to the other side and was able to capture this scene. The uniqueness of the architecture is still apparent with the two unusual windmills in the distance. You can also get a great appreciation of how tightly together people live on the island.