After the Snow - Wilson Arch, Moab, Utah

I often try to take photos that I haven't seen before and convey different looks of a location. If you visit Moab, south of town on the highway is Wilson Arch. We passed the arch early in the morning during a snowstorm and snapped a few photos of the arch. We then headed south to visit Canyon Rims. On the way back to town, we stopped at the arch to take some photos without the snow. I have visited this location quite a number of times and had shot it from all angles, so I wasn't feeling overly interested in shooting it again. At the same time, I didn't want to waste the great clouds that we had in the sky. As I looked south from below the arch, i saw this part of the rock formation that I had never shot from before. Off I went scrambling along the rocks until I got to this spot. I used the wall of sandstone as a leading line and found that the lone tree added interest to the scene. The terrific clouds made this an even better scene.