Alien Landscape

View from Double Arch, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted although it seems longer. April was a pretty busy month driving with my son out to Oregon and taking a planned vacation to North and South Carolina with friends. All told, I was home only 6 days since March 30th and I estimate that I logged almost 6,000 miles in the car during that time. 

This is an image that I shot in Arches National Park. I was hoping to get the classic sunrise shot of Turret Arch but, as you can see, the weather was not cooperating. We headed instead to Double Arch which is one of my favorite spots on the park. As we walked toward it, we heard music that was actually a Mormon choir singing below one of the arches. I don't know what time they got there but it had to be early. As I climbed up to the bottom of the arch, I glanced out into the distance and saw this scene with the surreal clouds framed in one of the arch's opening. It looked very much like an alien landscape and I knew right then that this image would make it to the blog. The back of the arch was lit nicely though the other arch.