All Aboard!

Strasburg Railroad, Strasburg, Pennsylvania

I grew up in New Jersey outside of Philadelphia. Whenever we wanted to visit somewhere different, we hopped in the car and headed out to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A popular tourist destination, Lancaster County is also the home of over 50,000 Amish (also known as Pennsylvania Dutch). We have lived in Connecticut for the past 19 years (hard to believe) and hadn't been there since before our move. When our friends from New Jersey suggested to meet there for a few days in April, we jumped at the chance. Driving through Lancaster County, you can spot the Amish in their distinct horse drawn buggies. There are also numerous covered bridges throughout the county, most of which are still operational. One of the popular tourist attractions is to take the 45 minute train ride on the Strasburg Railroad. While waiting for our train ride, I wandered off (as I usually do) and found this out-of-service train car sitting behind the station. Since the dynamic range was challenging, I decided to shoot a HDR bracket sequence even though I didin't have my tripod. The train car shows the old grandeur of travel in the mid-1800's.

Check out these websites if you are planning a trip to Lancaster County or taking the Strasburg Railroad.