All Aboard the Durango-Silverton

Durango & Silverton Railroad, Durango, Colorado

This is an image of the Durango-Silverton train that I captured right before boarding it in Durango, Colorado. The train makes round trips daily to Silverton, Colorado to the north, a 3.5 hour, 45 mile trip trip through the rugged San Juan Mountains. The train is a narrow gauge, which is better suited to navigate the sharp curves of the mountain terrain. Once used to haul silver and gold ore from the Silverton area, it now serves as a tourist attraction. The ride itself is a spectacular trip passing open ranges, herds of horses, beautiful streams, waterfalls and spectacular mountains. The train often winds onto the "highline", a famous section of the railroad where the train crawls along the face of high cliffs. The engine crew will usually "blow" the engine on a railroad bridge to clean sediment from the boiler. It also stops for water at Tank Creek water tank for it's engines.

I highly recommend taking this train for anyone visiting southwest Colorado.