All Lined Up

St Mark's Square, Venice Italy

The city of Venice conjures up visions of gondolas, canals, piazzas and bridges. The city is steeped with history and its museums hold treasures of days long ago. One of the most visited parts of Venice is San Marco Square. The square is home to three of the most famous places in Venice, namely Saint Mark's Basilica, the Doges Palace (including the infamous Bridge of Sighs) and the Campanile di San Marco. The square is often so crowded that it is hard to move through it.

The day I took this image, the crowds were at their normal density. I wanted to get a shot that was a bit different from the norm that would capture some of the splendor of Venice’s architecture. This composition shows a few of the many statues that line the square with the Campanile di San Marco acting as the perfect background. The intricacy of the columns and stonework are also on display.