Alley Reflection - Venice, Italy

Earlier this week, I posted a photo of an alleyway where I was able to catch a passing gondolier. That is not the norm. Many of the alleyways are seen from a footbridge and often have tons of activity on them, whether it of people walking around; boats (not always pretty ones) tied up along the water; gondolas passing through and under the footbridge (one gondola makes a great subject, multiple gondolas do not); or ripples left by boats and gondolas. For me, I prefer quiet scenes where there is no activity and the water is so still, it looks like glass. They are much harder to find and when you find them, you better shoot fast for fear that something or someone will ruin the moment. On my two visits to Venice, I have found that simply wandering the city is the best way to find these spots. If you hear or see people, head the other way. If you see stores or restaurants, head the other way. When you hear nothing, the likelihood of finding that special place is much higher. So, following my own advice, I found this spot that had the perfect reflection - I couldn’t find it again if I wanted to as I had no idea where I was. It was a moment in time that I was happy to experience and capture on digital film.