Along the River - Teton Wilderness, Wyoming

Bull Moose, Buffalo Fork River, Teton Wilderness, Wyoming

Fall color in the Tetons is mostly a one-note yellow. The cottonwoods  are the prevalent trees that change color with the seasons. Just outside of Grand Teton National Park in the Teton Wilderness, the Buffalo Fork River (a tributary of the famed Snake River) meanders through the cottonwoods. We started out following the river and we spotted this lone bull moose just standing next to the river. While this was a cool shot, what followed was pretty amazing. 

The bull moose eventually crossed the river, and a little downstream there was a lone longhorn steer among a bunch of cows. Eventually the two animals noticed one another and began a stare-down contest. This lasted for a few minutes and then the bull moose started moving. I am guessing this movement threatened the longhorn and he started running toward the bull moose. Much to our surprise, the bull moose took off like a bat out of hell and all we saw was his rear end heading into the distance. We were anticipating a great battle as bull moose are known to fight, but we surmised that the moose was a young one and chose to fight another day.