Amalfi from the Gulf - Amalfi, Italy

When one thinks about the Amalfi Coast, the first thing that comes to mind is driving on one of the best coastal roads in the world. The drive is famous for its hairpin turns and its narrowness in some parts, but mostly for its beautiful views of the sea below. It also is not a drive for the faint of heart and can be quite dangerous and challenging. 

There is a different and more comforting way to see the Amalfi Coast and that is by boat. Taking a cruise from either the port of Salerno or another town, you get a more leisurely ride that gives you a better perspective of each town that lies on the coast. It is quite the different experience from the drive and allows you to fully enjoy the surrounding mountains and the Gulf of Salerno. Don't get me wrong-- the drive and the boat ride are very unique experiences. If you have time, do both.

I took this photo after we stopped in the town of Amalfi. I wanted to give this composition the feel of a painting, so I processed this differently than I normally would. To get a better feel of this, click on the photo to view it large.