Angel Glacier Trail - Jasper National Park, Alberta

In Jasper National Park, there is an easy way to get up close and personal with a glacier. At the end of Edith Cavell Road, there is a big parking area (it is new this past year) that leads you to a trailhead that takes you to Angel Glacier. The signs are a bit misleading as they state that the trail is 45 minutes long. That is true if you do the full loop trail. If you want to see Angel Glacier, there is an overlook about 15 minutes out that gets you as close to the glacier as you can get. It used to be that you could actually walk up to the glacier itself. In recent years, access has been roped off. Regardless, the short hike is well worth it. When It was originally named, the glacier had the appearance of an angel with out-swept wings. Glacier melts over the years have separated the wings from the main part of the glacier. After viewing the glacier, head back to the trailhead to get this great view of the surrounding mountains and the northern end of Cavell Lake in the valley below.