Snake River, Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Landscape photographers know that to get that golden hour light, especially in the morning, getting up before dawn is a requirement. Sometimes the alarm clock goes off at 4am and the immediate reaction is to hit the snooze button. Those who hit the button will often miss some wonderful light.

This scenario was very tempting for me in Grand Teton National Park last month. Pretty tired after driving almost 500 miles the day before, I almost didn't get up to take the ride down to Oxbow Bend. When I got there it was still dark and, even after finding a location and setting up, dawn was still some time away. It is during this time period that the anticipation of the sunrise becomes the only thought in my head. Will the clouds block either the sunrise or block the mountain tops? 

On this morning, as the sun was almost up, I glanced eastward to check out the sky and saw this wonderful scene. While this is not the typical Oxbow Bend image with Mount Moran, the tranquility and beauty of what I saw needed to be captured in an effort to convey the feeling that I had when I shot this.