Approaching Ophir Pass - Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

Fall is my favorite season of the year and I can't wait until the foliage comes to my home state of Connecticut. I think it will be late coming to CT this year, but I am hoping to see some great colors this week in Maine while co-hosting my buddy Jeff Clow's Maine Lighthouse Tour. The reds, oranges and yellows of the New England foliage season give the landscape such a vibrant look.

Until then, I am posting this shot of the foliage season in Colorado that I took last year. While not as varied in color as New England's, the Colorado landscapes more than make up for it with it's wonderful mountains as a backdrop. Here we are approaching Ophir Pass, about to cross over the San Juan Mountains to get to the famed Million Dollar Highway. What an epic drive with drivers extraordinaire Rick Louie and Chris Nitz navigating this treacherous road.