Bandon Beauty - Bandon, Oregon

On my recent trip to the west coast, we flew into Portland and drove down the Oregon and California coasts down to Big Sur. This was the second time this year I had driven down the Oregon coast and it was a night and day difference. Back in April, Jeff Clow and I scouted the Oregon coast for a possible 2018 photo tour. For ten days, we were rained on, sleeted on and snowed on, not to mention severe winds. If we added up the total time we had sunshine during the full ten days, it might have added up to a day, if that. Fast forward to last month. During our total time on the Oregon coast, we did not have a drop of rain. The good news is that Jeff's 2018 Oregon Coast tour is scheduled for September. The first week has sold out and there are still a few spots open on the second week.

One of the stellar spots on the Oregon coast is Bandon. This is sea stack heaven and you can spend a lot of time walking among the stacks and getting some great shots. Many of the stacks have their own unique names, such as this one: Howling Dog. This stack is so unique, it has a second name, Wizard's Hat, when seen from the north.