Banff Morning - Banff Townsite, Banff National Park, Alberta

For those of you who follow my blog or any of my social media postings, you can't have helped but notice that one of my favorite places on Earth is Banff National Park. Ever since I first visited the area, I have been entranced with it. My first visit to this paradise was in the mid-1990s, when photography was far from my mind. Shooting with my point and shoot film camera became such a frustration for me that, when I got home, I immediately ordered a SLR camera and lenses. That first visit was a rebirth of my love for photography.

I recently came across this photo from my second visit in 2006, when I got up early one morning while my family was still sleeping (this was a vacation, not a photo tour). Walking around the town of Banff proved that you didn't have to wander very far to get some good shots of the beautiful Canadian Rockies.