Barn Light and Shadow - Endicott, Washington

One of the cool things about the Palouse are the barns, farmhouses, grain elevators and farm machinery that dot the landscape. Drive down a remote dirt or gravel road (often one lane) and you will stumble upon one. Many of the barns and farmhouses are abandoned, which leaves one to wonder what happened to the farmers that built these structures that are now unlivable, or in such disrepair that they cannot be used. 

Many of these roads have no posted names, and it is hard to figure out where you are. We came upon this abandoned barn somewhere between Endicott and St John, Washington. As we shot the barn, I was immediately attracted to the back of the barn that had lost its roof, leaving the sunlight to create a light and shadow pattern inside. I particularly like the two windows at the back that give a glimpse of the landscape behind the barn.