Before the Climb - Arches National Park, Utah

Double Arch, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Arches National Park is a treasure trove of sandstone rock formations, mainly arches. Most of them are arches -- over 2,000 of them, but only a few are easily accessible. My favorite arch for sure is Double Arch. Located in the Windows area of the park, it always acts as a magnet for me. This was the only one of our stops that I was out of the car in a flash and down the trail so I could get a few shots without people. You will notice that I didn't fully succeed, as there is one lone person in the "window" on the left. I left him in to give you an idea of how big Double Arch is. After shooting a few, I began the climb up past where the person was to sit at the bottom of the "window". I was joined by Jaki Good Miller and Mike Louthan. What a view we had from way up there. As I get older, climbing up is getting more difficult, but hopefully I will be able to be perched up there in the future.