Belvedere of Tragara

Isle of Capri, Italy

Last week, I posted a photo of a lunette of a church from Bologna, Italy. When I wrote that post, I had never heard of a lunette, and I learned that it was the small semi-circle above a door. It is interesting how much I don't know. Just for kicks, I thought I would continue my education. This image is also from Italy, but, instead of the city, it is taken of the rocky mountain side of the Isle of Capri. When I took this shot, I was mesmerized by how these houses/villas were built into the side of the rocks on this rocky island. When I wanted to find out if there was a name for these types of buildings, I found it on Wikipedia. You guessed it. They are called Belvedere of Tragara, meaning a high panoramic promenade lined with villas.