Better Look for Cover

Portofino, Italy

While there are many beautiful countries in the world, my favorite has to be Italy. It may be my favorite because my mother's parents were from Italy but it also could be for the food and the countryside. For whatever reason, I have always wanted to visit Portofino. On our Mediterranean cruise, our first stop was this wonderful fishing village on the Italian Riviera. When we got to the village, it was raining and we were not able to walk around. We headed on our tour to Genoa and hoped that when we returned to Portofino, the weather would cooperate. When we got back to Portofino, the sun was shining for a short while but when I looked out toward our cruise ship, I saw the darkest clouds that I had seen in a while. The juxoposition of the sunlit village contrasted with the dark skies just called to me to shoot a photo. I knew that I had just a little time before the storm would come leaving me little time to run for cover.