Higgs   Beach, Key West, Florida

I am a believer that some photographers see primarily in color while others see in black and white. Of course, some bridge both color and black and white.  I have known for a long time that I am more of a color photographer. It's not like I don't like B&W photos, in fact, I really love the look of them. My problem is that when I am photographing a scene, I don't see the B&W possibilities, only the color possibilities. 

With this image of an old building on Higgs beach in Key West, I processed it in color but there seemed something off about it. I just couldn't get the color right or at least the way I wanted it. I liked the composition so I tried to play around with a B&W version. I ended up with this sepia toned image that I actually like a lot (even though it is not in color).