Buffalo Fork Ridge - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The Grand Tetons are some of the most magical mountains that can be found in the Rockies. They dominate the landscape wherever you drive in Jackson Hole. Every photographer has this place on their bucket list, and even after they visit and shoot there, it stays on the list. The goal of most photographers is to get a composition that is a little different than everyone else's. That is why hiring a tour guide like my friend Jeff Clow is worth every penny. Jeff takes you to all of the great spots, like Oxbow Bend and the Moulton Barn, that you would expect from an expert tour guide. The real treasures are the spots that he has discovered over the years of conducting tours, like this ridge that provides a great foreground of trees to the magnificence of the Tetons in the distance. Jeff even provided a name (Buffalo Fork Ridge) for this previously unnamed ridge.