Bulls-Eye Lens

Cape Meares Lighthouse, Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint, Oceanside, Oregon

I know I have been posting many images from my Moab trip, and I have quite a few more to post. It is a bit unusual for me to post so many after a trip. I normally vary my posts from different locations, and promise that I will get back to normal after next week. I thought I would break the Moab posting for today and take you to the coast of Oregon (a little different from desert landscapes). 

The lighthouse is located in Oceanside, Oregon, and served as the light for the Tillanook Bay. The lighthouse sits about 200 feet above the Pacific Ocean and it is no longer active. The light is quite small, and the area around the light is quite tight, making photographing it a challenge. I shot it from several angles with a wide-angle lens, but it was too distorted even for Photoshop. I suspect the best place to shoot it is from the ocean. Since Avis only rents cars, that wasn't an option for me. Instead, I decided to get this shot of the light's bulls-eye lens (also known as the Fresnel Lens named after a French physicist who invented the lens in 1822).