Busy as a Bee

Sparta, New Jersey

Okay, I have done it. Every person who has ever taken a photo of a flower seems to want to get one when a bee has landed on it. It is such a cliche type of shot that some will ask, "Why take it?". My only defense is a take on what George Mallory said when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. "Because it was there."

Your next question may be, "Why post it?". My answer is to make a point. I read somewhere that  some ridiculous percentage (I think it was 20%) of all photos ever taken were shot in the last 10 years. Boggles the mind. So when all of us head on out to capture some moments, whether we are amateurs, enthusiasts or professionals, the subject is likely to have been shot before. While that might sound a bit discouraging, my advice when heading out to shoot is to get the classic shots out of the way first, and then try to get creative with different compositions. They may not be 100% original, but they are likely to be different from every one else's.