Buttes All Around - Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

When visiting Monument Valley, it used to seem to me that a four wheel drive was something you wanted to have with you. It certainly was true on my first visit there in 2004. The main road through the Tribal Park is a 17-mile dirt road that had more bumps and holes that you could count. Back then, the Navajos sat in the parking lot with tow trucks to get people that were stuck somewhere on the road. Over the years, the roads improved a little and there are no longer tow trucks, but the suspension of a sedan is in for a rude awakening. On our visit there last month, the road was under some serious repair and I think that the road will be a much easier ride in the future. 

This photo shows the road leading toward John Ford's Point named after the film director that made Monument Valley famous through his westerns. In the distance are the rock formations the Three Sisters (on the left) that is on the end of Mitchell Mesa. In from of the mesa is Elephant Butte. The rock formation on the right closest to me is Cly Butte.