Caboose View

Alaskan Rail, Denali National Park, Alaska

I have such a great love of railroads and trains that I sometimes wonder if I was born in the wrong century. Maybe it is not just the train rides but also the combination with great scenery that makes them so special to me. I have been fortunate to travel some of the great train routes in North America. That is why I was so psyched about my Alaska trip that I took a couple of years ago.

Part of the trip itinerary was an all-day train ride from Denali National Park to Whittier to board our cruise ship. As soon as we boarded, I had a prime seat on the observation deck with great views all around me. Then I realized that I wasn't going to get some of the prime photos that I wanted because of the reflections from all of the glass in the observation car. So what to do? I quickly headed down to the caboose of the train and hung out there for most of the day shooting the Alaska countryside. This is one of the many shots I took from there. Trust me, picking out which image of train tracks to post was tedious work, but now I can rest.