Cairn View - Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

On our last day in Glacier National Park, Jeff Clow and I wanted to get an early start to the Palouse for our scouting trip. As luck would have it, the car we had rented wasn't available for an early pickup and we decided to head up to Bowman Lake. Not many visitors head up to the lake, as it takes about 2 hours to drive 32 miles on a narrow non-paved road. I think the photography gods were on our side as the weather was extremely nice. The ride was pretty uneventful, with not many close encounters with large vehicles (the road is quite narrow and it can take a lot of maneuvering when two large ones need to pass each other).

Once there, we were blessed with relatively calm water. Despite the fact that it was mid-morning, the light was surprisingly nice. We took a trail around the right side of the lake and took quite a few shots at different points. I spotted this cairn (a manmade stack of stones) and decided to use it as a foreground element. Cairns are often used as trail markers, but this one seemed just to be there for no reason that I could determine.