Calm and Tranquil - Jasper National Park, Alberta

Pyramid Lake and Mountain, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

On my last morning in Jasper National Park, I decided to revisit the Pyramid Mountain area to get some sunrise shots before I headed to Edmonton for my flight home. The mountain can be seen from almost everywhere in Jasper, but the best location, in my opinion, is from Pyramid Lake. While there are some obvious vantage points along the shoreline, I did my exploring thing, and tried to find paths through the woods to get something a bit different. As I walked along the road, I noticed that someone had parked their car near what looked like a path (turns out they were sleeping there overnight). Down the path I went, and I discovered an opening, where there was a very small dock with five boats lying on it. It took a bit of a balancing act to compose this shot so that I could get the boats and the full reflection of Pyramid Mountain in the composition.