Trail of Birches

Jaspar National Park, Alberta, Canada

Just a quick post today. This image was taken at the beginning of a trail in Jasper National Park. It was my first time to the park and we had terrible weather for our 3 day stay as it rained pretty much the whole time we were there. In a brief moment of no rain, I spotted this birch grove and wanted to walk along it for a while. As soon as we started out, it began to rain again and this is as far as we got before heading back to the car.


Spirit Island, Jaspar National Park, Alberta, Canada

Every visit to Jaspar National Park in the Canadian Rockies should include a trip to Spirit Island. In this earlier post, I described the rainy conditions as we approached the boat house on Maligne Lake. The boat trip to Spirit Island takes about 45 minutes and circles the small island from the right. The boat leaves its riders off at a dock on the lake's shore allowing passengers to disembark and walk a short trail to get this iconic view of Spirit Island. The lake is famed for the color of it's water with it's surrounding mountains and the view of Spirit Island is one of the most photographed in the world. It is truly a spiritual experience for those who have visited and the island is aptly named.

Storm's Approach

Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

This image is from my trip to Jasper National Park a few years ago. I had looked forward to visiting Jasper and the iconic Spirit Island on Maligne Lake. As all best laid plans, it rained pretty much all of the three days we were there. I was determined to take the boat ride to the island. We got to Maligne Lake during one of the brief moments the rain had stopped. This was the scene as we started walking to get the tickets for the boat ride. I thought that the gray of the mountains and the stormy skies contrasted well with the red roof and boats. It was one of the better shots of the day as we did encounter a significant rain on our ride to Spirit Isalnd.