Website Woes

I am sure some of you may have noticed my absence over the past couple of weeks. I wish that I had been traveling to some exciting locations shooting new images but that was not the case. My self-hosted Wordpress website was the victim of some vicious malware and was blocked by Google. Fortunately, I was able to get the aid of a friend to get the site to what we thought was malware free. That only lasted a couple of days, whereby the site came crashing down with a Wordpress programming error. Again, my friend came to the rescue and the Wordpress problem was taken care of. Mere minutes after the  Wordpress problem was fixed, the malware reappeared and the site was again attacked. After about a week, the site has been now functional again. 


Right around the time that the malware first appeared, I was considering changing the site design to something more clean looking. I took this opportunity to take a look around and see what I could find that would be a viable alternative to my Wordpress site. If you are reading this, the new site, hosted on Squarespace, is alive and well with my URL pointing to the new website. My next post will address why I chose Squarespace and how the transition went, both positive and negative.