Cinque Terre Living - Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is one of the most charming places that I have been to. Comprised of five fishing villages along the Italian Riviera, when you walk the streets, you feel that you have been transported into the past. Each village has it’s own unique feel and charm to it and, if you asked me which was my favorite, my answer would be whatever village I was currently in. The day I took this photo, Manarola was my favorite. Manarola was founded in the 13th century. Early settlers used the terraces for farming. Over time, homes were built starting from the cliffs surrounding the village until they ultimately reached down to the Mediterranean Sea. The Cinque Terre villages were poor until they were discovered by tourists. Today, the tourist flock there, especially during the summer with the majority being day trippers. Our few days there was certainly not enough and I would love to go back and stay for an extended period of time to get a better feel of what life is like there.