Clouds Above Pemaquid - Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol, Maine

Okay, I couldn't resist posting a different photo of my favorite lighthouse. One of the reasons that this light is my favorite is that it looks very different depending on the side of the lighthouse you are on and the time of day. I have shown people many different photos of it from all angles, and they are amazed to find out that it is the same lighthouse in each one. To put perspective on the different looks, check out the reflection shot of it in the puddle that I posted on Monday. If you walk (okay, climb) from where I am standing to the lighthouse and then climb down some rugged terrain, you will find the puddle. Quite the different look from this photo. To get where I am standing, you have to climb down along the fence and then climb up and over a bunch of rocks to get to this view. For this composition, I thought that including more of the amazing clouds that we had this morning would give a sense of scale of the bluff that the light stands on.