Colorado Backroads - Telluride, Colorado

Having lived in New England for 22 years, I have seen my share of great foliage seasons. I have my share of photos that I have taken there, and I have always wanted to see what the fall season was like elsewhere in the country. One of my bucket list items was to shoot the golden aspens in Colorado during the foliage season, so, when I saw Rick Louie's Colorado Tour, I jumped at the chance. As with planning any trip for shooting foliage, it is a guessing game when the peak of the season will be, and it is a hit-or-miss proposition. On this particular tour there were more hits than misses. There were parts of the Colorado countryside like the Dallas Divide that was not yet there with peak foliage, but there were others that were at or near peak. One of the things that I noticed was, while New England has a greater variety of colors, Colorado has it's own personality, with golden leaves contrasting with the dark greens of the fir trees. In this photo (I am not exactly sure where I took it), the golds are the most prominent. Channelling a little bit of my inner Jeff Clow, I made sure that I used the road as a leading line.