Convict Rocks - Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes, California

Convicts and rocks. This might bring to mind a group of prisoners that were put in a chain gang where, using picks and axes, they spent days and months breaking up rocks. Not so for this photo. Yes, the lake was named after convicts that had escaped a Carson City prison in the 1870's that made their stand against a posse, resulting in many deaths on both sides. The rocks pictured here were not created by picks and axes, but rather moved here to create a small marina on the lakeshore. The lake is a prime destination for fisherman (and photographers), especially during the foliage season. Our group spent about 90 minutes shooting from various places around the lake. I  wandered to the marina and climbed onto the rocks forming a barrier for the boats and really liked how they formed a great leading line that seemed to lead to Laurel Mountain. The rocks protected the water in the marina, making it comparably still, which provided a good reflection of the mountain.