Cook's Chasm - Cape Perpetua, Oregon

About two miles south of Yachats, Oregon, there is a very iconic image of a natural spectacle known as "Thor's Well" (aka The Spouting Horn). Thor's Well is only visible at high tide and is extremely dangerous to shoot, due to it's sharp and slippery rocks and very strong surges that threaten the safety of photographers. Given that danger, coupled with the fact that I wasn't there at high tide, I knew I wasn't going to get the shot (at least this time). I did want to scout the area for future reference, so we headed to Cook's Chasm on Cape Perpetua (where Thor's Well is located). As can be seen in this photo, the area is quite photogenic with or without the well. It is very typical of the oceanfront in this section of the Oregon Coast. The morning was cloudy and I decided to take a long exposure to get the movement of the clouds and the surf.