Coquille River Light - Bandon, Oregon

I don't know how many lighthouses that I have shot over the years, but it has to be a lot. Each one has its own shape, condition, colors and beauty. Some are painted with stripes. At least one is square. They guard oceans, lakes and rivers. All of these physical attributes convey character to me. 

Unfortunately, they are becoming relics of the past. They have been made obsolete by today's technology. They used to protect the many boats and ships from crashing into the coastline, but now radar and sonar are a more sure-fired way for ships to be kept safe. Some of the lights are still working, shining beacons of light into the night, but it is now more for show than safety. They are becoming the future generation's version of windmills.

This is why I keep taking photos of these one-time life savers. I seek them out in either rain or shine. I will never capture every lighthouse there is, but I will continue nonetheless. I shot this lighthouse on a rainy day. It is located in Bandon, Oregon, and it guided boats past the dangerous sandbars of the Coquille River.