Cracked - Endicott, Washington

I guess I can't stop posting images from my recent trip to the Palouse. A number of my friends have asked me where the Palouse is, as they have never heard of it. The Palouse is a region of farmland located in Eastern Washington State and into parts of Western Idaho. Truth be told, it is a destination that primarily attracts photographers because of the great rolling mounds and hills of farmland. After spending time there, it is obvious why non-photographers never heard of it. It is pretty remote with only a few very small towns. There are not many hotels and restaurants, and, other than driving the roads for the scenery, not much for vacationers to do. It has become the new hotspot for photographers, with many tours and workshops being conducted.

This photo was from a privately owned classic car collection on one of the farms. I posted a photo of an old Texaco gas station a couple of weeks ago on the blog. The gas station sits at the front, and behind it is a great collection of cars. This one really caught my eye with its bright color and cracked driver window. It looks like a bullet hole caused the crack, and I wish I knew more about its story.