Cruising By - Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Want to put your feet up and see some of the most beautiful coastline that Alaska has to offer? My answer would be to hop on a cruise ship that sails into Glacier Bay. On my quest to visit as many National Parks that I can, I made sure that I hit two of them on my last Alaskan Cruise (Denali and Glacier Bay) that couldn't be more different than each other. Picking a favorite is impossible because of that fact, so I will write about Glacier Bay in this post.

We entered into the bay through the Icy Straits very early in the morning, The park is pretty big, measuring almost 3.3 million acres. To put that in perspective, it's namesake to the south, Glacier National Park in Montana, is only a third of its size. You would expect that given its size and name there would be quite a few glaciers in the park and there are -- 29 of them. Over half of them are tidewater glaciers (glaciers that extend into the ocean) and, of those, nine of them actually terminate in the bay itself. 

I shot this image just after we entered the waters of the National Park. I was sitting on our balcony with my feet up on the small table, wine glass readily available and camera in my lap. Probably the easiest I have ever worked for an image.