Cruising Lucerne - Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

A few years back, we took a river cruise from Amsterdam down the Rhine River, ending up in Basel, Switzerland. We decided to head to Lucerne in order to experience Switzerland for the first time. We are so glad we did. What a combination of a terrific city to explore with the wonders of the Swiss countryside to enjoy. 

On one of our days, we opted to take a cruise on Lake Lucerne that would lead us to taking the  Pilatus Railway (the world's steepest cog railway) to the top of Mount Pilatus. As we began our cruise, the Swiss landscape was exactly how I envisioned it -- very green surrounded by mountains with Swiss chalets dotting the scene. We had beautiful weather and I was able to get this photo of Mount Pilatus in all of its glory. In what seemed like a short time, we were standing on top of the mountain looking down at the lake.