Cruising the Harbor - Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Harbor, Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island, is a great New England destination for many reasons. It is best known for it's opulent mansions that border the city's Cliff Walk. The mansions that were built by the ultra-rich during the Gilded Age are a must-see attraction (I have posted numerous photos of them). Newport is also well known for its sailing, and it is a sailing mecca for the sailing enthusiast. In fact, it has hosted twelve America's Cup races (the last time was in 1983). 

My wife and I visited Newport in September with friends, and the city was bustling with a boat show in town. The weather was terrific the first day we were there, and we decided to book a cruise the next day, Of course, the weather turned cold and became quite windy, but we headed out anyway. When banking for turns, the boat seemed to go almost straight up, and there were times I was looking almost straight down into the water when I looked across from my seat. I can only image what it must be like in one of the America's Cup races. Anyway, on the way back to port, I spotted this beauty heading in the same direction.