Curves - Lightner Museum, St Augustine, Florida

There are times that photographers come across a scene that sets off alarm bells in their heads to shoot it. I know that this is not a typical subject that I normally shoot, but when I saw this piece of art in the Lightner Museum, the bells started going off. So why did this invoke my reaction? I guess experienced photographers just have a practiced eye for these scenes while in the moment, and it is only afterward when we analyze it that it becomes apparent why we were drawn to it. So, here is my analysis. The first thing that struck me was the curve of the window and the absence of other art pieces nearby that might have distracted the eye. The next thing was the mixture of light. Ambient light from the indoor lighting seemed to match well with the afternoon light coming through the windows. I think the color of the roof help transition and blend the two different types of light. The reflection of the windows in the polished floor also added to the overall feel. Lastly, the art itself was beautifully made and seemed to come alive in the photo. I wish I could tell you all of these things were in my mind when I shot this, but they didn't. It was simply the alarm bells going off in my head.