Dead Horse Reflection

Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab, Utah

My photo tour to Moab, Utah, was an exhilarating change of pace from the dreariness of winter in New England. It was desperately needed. The tour was run by my friend Jeff Clow, and I met a great group of people. Jeff runs a terrific tour and gets you in front of the right place at the right time. For information about his tours check out his website

I am a big fan of Utah, as I got back into photography there during a two-week shooting and hiking trip with my son in 2005. The number of unique landscapes there are not only amazing to see, but  are also great photography subjects. I sometimes get asked where my favorite place in the southwest is. That is a hard question to answer, as there are so many great choices. The easier question to answer would be:  if you had to pick one location to shoot, which one would it be? That answer is easier, and it would be this one of Dead Horse State Park. The park is a relatively small state park near Canyonlands National Park. It has one iconic attraction, where the Colorado River has created a gooseneck around some fabulous landscape. A one-trick pony (pardon the pun), but what a trick it is.

It is best shot in the sunrise hours, as the shadows and light add a depth to the scene. This composition is a tight shot of the reflection of the formation that is prominent in the Colorado River.