Pennhurst Asylum,  Spring City, Pennsylvania

Last week I posted an image from the abandoned Pennhurst Asylum in Spring Hill, PA. The post was titled Eerie.  I could have easily used that title for most of the shots I took there.  Everywhere I walked there were remnants of things that one wonders why they are there, be it an old mattress like the one in this image or some other artifact.

It is reported that Pennhurst Asylum is haunted by the many patients that were mistreated there. In fact, we were met at the gate by a self-described medium that takes many people on haunted tours of the asylum. While I am not a believer in this type of spiritual contact, her story was quite compelling and convincing.  I can't say that I am all-in on her ability but it is clear that many believe in the spiritual world. 

In any case, after seeing scenes like this one, it is easy to imagine some of the atrocities that happened there, but that is far as I go until I actually see and speak to a spirit.