Desert Beauty - Moab, Utah

Colorado River Scenic Byway, Professor Valley, Moab, Utah

Just north of Moab, there is a turnoff that takes you along the Colorado River for 44 miles. The road is known as River Road, Route 128, or the Colorado River Scenic Byway. Regardless of its name, the scenery along it is simply outstanding. Passing such iconic places such as Fisher Towers, Castle Valley and Professor Valley, it is truly the American Southwest. There are wonderful ranches also along the way as well as a few great places to stay. Sunrises and sunsets give very unique looks to the landscapes. Being a north to south route, one side has spectacular light in the mornings with an equal amount of light bathing the other side in the evenings. 

This particular panorama was taken one morning on a cloudless day. My shooting companion, Michael Louthan, and I left the group and began to hike up the trail you see to the left. As we got a bit higher, I knew it was time to shoot a panorama to show the ruggedness and colors of the landscape.