Desert Wonder - Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab, Utah

There are scenes of the American Southwest that evoke great emotion and memories of the old time westerns. I am sure that the scenes that brings out those feelings are different for each of us. For me, the quintessential scene is one from Dead Horse State Park. This small park is nestled next to Canyonlands National Park, which has a great variety of different landscapes. This little park is more of a one-hit wonder, but what a great hit it is. In my opinion, this one scene is better than any one scene that can be found in Canyonlands.

Just looking at the erosion that the mighty Colorado River has created kind of boggles the mind. Standing about two thousand feet above and looking down on this natural gooseneck in the sunrise light brings chills. Add to that the legend of how this place got its name (wild mustangs were trapped there without water and passed away) just takes you back to the 1800's when settlers headed west.

Whatever comes to mind when you first see these iconic scenes of the west, I am sure that it will stir your mind to a time long ago.