Deserted Streets

Kotor, Montenegro

I have posted numerous photos from one my favorite places in Europe -- Kotor, Montenegro. A major attraction of Montenegro is sailing the 15 miles from the Adriatic Sea through the Bay of Kotor and reaching the town of Kotor. The huge bay is surrounded on all sides by towering mountains that dwarf the towns and boats on the bay. We spent most of the day on a tour boat that took us onto the bay, visiting Our Lady of the Rocks (a church on a small island in the middle of the bay) and neighboring towns. When we returned to our cruise ship, we decided to head into Kotor. Kotor is surrounded by an impressive city wall built by the Republic of Venice. Venetian influence can be seen in the city's architecture. As there are only about 5,400 people living in Kotor, the streets were pretty deserted as we walked the town, giving me an opportunity to take photos without having to deal with crowds.