Devil's Churn - Cape Perpetua, Yachats, Oregon

Just south of Yachats, Oregon are two great locations to capture in a photo, namely Thor's Well and Devil's Churn. Thor's Well is a much tougher and challenging photo to capture, as the conditions have to be just right for one to see the hole in the ocean and the water rushing into it. I have been there several times and have not been able to capture it. If you try to shoot it, just be careful, as it is extremely dangerous. 

If Thor's Well is not in the cards, try stopping at Devil's Churn, not too far from the well. It is a narrow inlet where the tide comes in and often throws spray several hundred feet into the air when the waves hit the back of the churn. Depending on how rough the waves are will determine the height of the spray. Devil's Churn was actually a cave that was formed by the waves, and through the constant pounding of the water over thousands of years, the cave's roof collapsed, thus forming the inlet.  Though not as dangerous as Thor's Well, it is still a place to be extremely careful around.