Dijon Skies - Colfax, Washington

Not every field in the Palouse is green, as this photo proves. This rich soil produces some of the finest crops in the world including wheat, barley, garbanzo beans, chickpeas, lentils and canola. Most of these crops cover the landscape in a green blanket that appears to be in a patchwork pattern due to many shades of green of each crop. The only exception was the rare patch of yellow that indicated that we had found a canola field (or at least we thought). After shooting this scene, we ran into a farmer that informed us that this field was actually a dijon mustard crop.

Regardless of the crop, it was a challenge for us shorter people to get a good view of the field (we couldn't find a high vantage from the road) so I climbed up onto the step of a car and shot over the car roof. While I would have loved to have been able to capture the full bottom of the tree, it was impossible from our (or any) vantage point. I went for a more minimalistic composition as the clouds and blue sky was magnificent.